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Marketing For Veldkamp’s Flowers

Flyline Search Marketing was hired by Veldkamp’s Flowers in November of 2013. The owners of Veldkamp’s Flowers, Ben & Martha Veldkamp, along with son John, brought flyline in to design and deploy a comprehensive marketing program for Veldkamp’s. They had recently purchased a new eCommerce platform and were ready to ramp up their advertising program and to increase the power of their digital footprint in the Denver market. The Veldkamp’s talked about bringing in our firm for more than a year. After much deliberation, they listened to shop owners like Charles Carithers and went forward with hiring us. We feel like that decision was a mutually beneficial move. We gained a wonderful new client, lead by an incredible family, and they secured the services of the most tenacious and relentless floral marketing firm in the country.

In our first year of supporting Veldkamp’s, we increased online revenues by more than 86%. We also set new standards for online sales by driving those up by more than 78%. Year two of our contract delivered even more growth. We grew revenues in year two by more than 42.75% and grew online sales transactions by 37.69%. In year three with Veldkamp’s, results continued to rise at rates far exceeding current industry growth rates. In fact, after completing a series of three one year service agreements, Veldkamp’s recently requested and received, a four year service agreement. This strategic partnership will allow for an even higher level of information sharing, education and increased time in Denver with the Veldkamp’s staff.

The Veldkamp family are wonderful folks to work with. They approached our firm approximately six months ago and requested a four year service agreement. We agreed and are now operating as a strategic partner of the Veldkamp’s organization. We work closely with John Veldkamp. He is an incredible person and has always been more than willing to allow us to stay aggressive in our marketing approach. He expects excellence and applauds when we deliver it. You can’t ask for a better strategic partner than that.

We use a comprehensive Internet marketing approach for Veldkamp’s Flowers. That program is turn-key and includes lead generation, brand building, traffic generation and social media communication tools. This program has propelled Veldkamp’s into a dominate position in the Denver, Colorado market. We have been able to create a sustainable stream of new business sales and plenty of new website visitors and leads. The program, has also been able to provide lift to Veldkamp’s wedding and event sales.

Over the last five years, our firm has been blessed to earn the business of many other florists spread throughout the United States. We have deployed our comprehensive Internet marketing strategy for each of these companies. All have experienced similar success to that which we delivered for Veldkamp’s Flowers. The opportunity to serve so many flower shops has positioned us to continually refine, enhance and improve our program strategies and design.

Our comprehensive marketing program is reasonably priced, packed with tons of great services and proven to be effective in every market we have deployed it. We have deployed this package for nationally acclaimed Florists all over the United States, including firms like Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, Georgia, Pugh’s Flowers in Memphis, Tennessee, Allen’s Flower Market in Long Beach, California and Allen’s Flowers in San Diego, California. Ask our clients what they think! We get most of our new clients from referrals that come from our current customers. The biggest compliment that a customer can ever pay you is when they tell another florist about the great work you are doing for them.

If you are looking for a marketing firm who is fiercely loyal to those we serve, integrates into your business as a true strategic partner, puts your needs ahead of their own and focuses on driving success for you and your firm, then Flyline Search Marketing could be potentially great fit with your company. We love our customers and work tirelessly on their behalf.  If you are interested in working with us, we hope you call us at 1-866-258-5511 and let us know more about you and your floral design business.