Customer Success Stories

Here are some Google Adwords success stories! Please read through them as they provide real insight into the true power of Internet Marketing. These firms all choose to partner with Flyline Search Marketing™, putting their faith and trust in our organization to help them grow their businesses. We take the priviledge of service very seriously and work tirelessly to help our clients succeed!

Albuquerque New Mexico Florist

Flyline served a floral design firm in Albuquerque, called People’s Flowers, from 2012 to 2014. In 2011, the year prior to hiring our firm, this customers website and marketing program generated 95,133 site visits, 1,161 online transactions and $75,652.69 in online revenue. Their online e-commerce conversion rate was 1.22%. At the end of 2012, our first year with this customer, our marketing efforts generated 106,872 website visits and 7592 online sales transactions. We produced more than $520,000 in online revenue and produced an online conversion rate of 7.11%.


Atlanta Based DIY Pest Control Business

The Power of E-commerce Marketing – Over a 6 month period during 2010, Flyline search Marketing delivered 10,214,971 ad impressions for this firm, using a nationwide Google Adwords advertising program. During the same time period, the Adwords program delivered 135,326 clicks or actual website visitors. In addition to the clicks received, the tracking and recording phone number that Flyline Search Marketing™ included with this clients Google ads also drove hundreds of phone calls to this firm as well. The Google Adwords program that Flyline was running for this client was extensive in nature. The platform included more than 20 active Google campaigns, with an average of 10 – 15 ad groups per campaign. Flyline utilized more than 3,000 Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative Match keyword phrases for this client. The program generated approximately 7,500 to 8,000 shopping cart transactions per month during this 6 month period.


Highly Successful E-commerce Adwords Solution For Atlanta Based Florist

Flyline Search Marketing has been serving this Atlanta area florist since 2009. Over the past three years, we have totally revamped this clients Google Adwords program and Internet Marketing strategy. We built a comprehensive program for this client that is delivering serious results. The program includes Google Adwords, Yahoo & Bing Sponsored Search, Blogging, Press Release Services, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. The customer’s revenues have grown tremendously over the past few years. Revenue directly attributable to Internet Marketing has almost tripled over the past three years!


Unique Adwords Solution For Self Storage Firms

West Palm Beach based Storage Firm – Over the a 30 day Adwords trial in early 2010, Flyline Search Marketing™ delivered 23,714 ad impressions and 173 actual “clicks” or website visitors to this firm’s website. This more than doubled the monthly traffic that this firm was recieving from their previous Internet Marketing service provider. Flyline included a call tracking and recording line with each Google ad run for this client. The call tracking and recording line generated phone calls for this firm during that 30 day trial and helped to stretch their Google advertising budget as the numbers allowed interested prospects to simply call them and not have to click at all. The amazing point of this trial was that Flyline geo-targeted the Google campaign to only run within a 10 mile geographic radius of the actual storage location. That ensured that the traffic driven by Google would be high quality in nature, which makes the click numbers above all the more relavent.


Georgia Based Plumbing Firm

From January of 2011 through July of 2011, using Google Adwords, Flyline Search Marketing™ delivered more than 417,000 ad impressions and more than 2,500 clicks to this clients website. In addition to the clicks, the call tracking and recording lines displayed with this clients Google ads produced over 100 phone calls. The Adwords program delivered tremendous results during this time, with the client booking multiple jobs per day from the advertising. The client was so clearly taken with the results that they dropped all Yellow Page print advertising and moved all available funds into Google Adwords. The advertising program we ran for this client included a Remarketing program and Google Boost / Express Ads.


Roswell Based Health & Fitness Club

Roswell Based Health & Fitness Firm – Over the past year, Flyline Search Marketing™ has delivered 1,368,119 ad impressions on Google and 3,775 actual web site visitors, from within a 5 mile radius of the gym. Flyline included this clients phone number on their Google ad which drove phone calls, in addition to the clicks the client received. The Adwords program includes both traditional campaigns and Remarketing as well. This firm has been a client of Flyline Search Marketing™ for the past three years. During that time frame, the club’s monthly revenues have more than tripled. Needless to say, this customer is a huge believer in the power of Google Adwords.