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Yahoo & Bing Sponsored Search

Sponsored search programs on are some of the most effective advertising tools available to local business owners. We offer PPC search programs on both Google and on the merged Yahoo & Bing platform. Most of our clients opt to advertise via both platforms. Many of our clients are truly amazed at the exceptionally high sales conversion rates that we are able to drive from the Yahoo/Bing search platform. The vast majority of our customers who allow us to deploy a search program on Yahoo/Bing enjoy an approximate 10% lift in sales results.


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Yahoo & Bing Merge Search Platforms

In 2010, Yahoo and Microsoft merged their Pay Per Click sponsored search platforms. This move was designed to help Yahoo and MSN, or Bing as they are now known, compete more effectively with Google for search traffic market share. Combined they now account for more than 30% of the overall search traffic being conducted worldwide.


Why You Should Allow Us To Design & Manage Your Yahoo & Bing Search Platform

We have an agency level account with Yahoo & Bing that we use to manage client programs on the new merged Yahoo/Bing platform. Our PPC program managers custom design our search programs specifically for each individual client. These programs are measured and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our team. If you have a Google Adwords program with us, we will mirror that program on Yahoo & Bing. We display a call tracking and recording phone number with each ad we run and that allows your prospective clients to simply call you and not have to click at all. It also increases sales conversions rates and stretches the Yahoo & Bing advertising budget for our clients. Customers who use our firm to manage their Google Adwords program, recieve a nice price discount when they sign up to add a PPC program on Yahoo/Bing.


Sales Conversion Rates For Our Current Clients

While Yahoo & Bing sponsored search certainly cannot compete with Google in terms of overall click and sales conversion volume, the platform can produce some stunning conversion rates! Our program management team regularly achieves sales conversion rates in the range of 10% – 15% on many of the Yahoo & Bing ad campaigns that we run for our floral clients. The data, coupled with the call tracking & recording analytics, clearly shows that Yahoo & Bing provide a definitive contribution to the overall marketing program results we deliver for our clients.