Flyline Search Marketing ®

Yahoo & Bing Services We Offer

Yahoo and Bing Sponsored search programs on incredibly productive. In fact, a pay per click search ad program on Yahoo and Bing is one of the most effective advertising tools available to local business owners. Our firm offers professionally designed and managed PPC programs on Google and on the Yahoo & Bing search platform. Most of our clients opt to advertise on both platforms. Many are absolutely amazed at the exceptionally high sales conversion rates that we are able to drive from the Yahoo/Bing search platform. While Google has the majority of the web traffic, a well designed PPC program on Yahoo/Bing can produce an additional 10% or more lift to your results.


Affordable, Effective Advertising That Provides New Business Leads & Generates Immediate Lift For Your Bottom Line. Start Advertising Today!


What You Can Expect From Flyline Search Marketing ®

1) We will place your Yahoo/Bing ads on the Yahoo and Bing Search and Display ad networks.

2) We will recommend campaign spend levels to you and will place your ads in the top ad positions, as budgets permit.

3) We will target your search campaigns to the precise audience you choose.

4) Your search program will include ads designed using the new expanded text ad formats.

5) Our search program will include “Mobile Targeted” ads.

6) We will run the campaigns on the precise days and times you prefer.

7) Our search platform design team will append custom URL snippets to each destination URL used in the program to allow search results to be tracked via Google Analytics.

8) We add a call tracking and recording phone number to each search ad we run for your firm. That allows people who see your Yahoo/Bing pay per click ads to simply call you instead of clicking through to your website. This tactic has historically improved the sales conversion rates for our clients.