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Approximately 9 years ago, we opened the doors to our advertising agency. After spending 31 years of working in the advertising and publishing arena, our CEO was primed and ready to really put those years of expertise and learning to work for business owners all across the United States. Our very first client was a small, family owned plumbing firm, called Pete’s Plumbing. We have been in business since September of 2008. To this day, Pete’s Plumbing is still a customer of Flyline Search Marketing ®. We are proud of that fact and have really come to know and love the Lippitt family who own that plumbing business. They are wonderful folks and we will work as many hours as it takes to ensure they continue to enjoy success.

One of the next customers that we encountered after opening our doors was a family owned flower shop, called Carithers Flowers. These folks had just closed 5 of the 6 flower shops they had been operating. After 30 years in business, they were able at real crossroads in the life of their company. They brought us in to handle their Adwords advertising for 2009. At the end of our first year serving them, we had produced a solid 7 digit online revenue number. Needless to say, they renewed their contract with us and requested a more robust service offering. That was the genesis for the design of our comprehensive marketing program. We designed a turn-key solution for Carithers and proceeded to deliver a series of stellar growth years for them. Carithers Flowers now considers our firm a strategic partner of their business. They continue to keep us under a long term service agreement.

Flyline is a full service marketing agency. We specialize in digital advertising, but, can also support our clients via TV, Radio and Outdoor Billboard advertising. We offer a very effective, turn-key digital program that has proven to be ultra productive for clients all over the country. Our client base includes an elite group of flower shop owners, that all utilize our comprehensive program for florists. That group includes customers such as; Charles Carithers, owner of Carithers Flowers in Atlanta. It also includes Brad levy, owner of Allen’s Flowers in San Diego and John Paul Veldkamp, owner of Veldkamp’s Flowers in Denver, Colorado and Tim, Michael and Mark Pugh, owners of Pugh’s Flowers in Memphis Tennessee. These flower shops are some of the largest independent floral design firms in the United States.

Flyline Search Marketing ®  is a Google Premier Partner. Google Adwords is one of the best advertising platforms available to small, medium and even large businesses. In fact, if you operate a business anywhere in the United States, and want to connect with local customers in your area, you need to utilize Adwords. Every client we serve utilizes our expertise in Google Adwords to grow their revenues and brand awareness.

Lead & Sales Generation

Google Adwords

1) Custom Designed Campaigns On Google Search & Display Ad Networks

2) Google Analytics & Google Conversion Data Shared With Clients

3) Google Remarketing Program Included In Our Adwords Package

4) Call Tracking & Recording Lines Displayed With Each Google Ad

5) Google Places Account Setup & Express Ad Creation & Management

Yahoo / Bing Sponsored Search

1) Custom Designed PPC programs on the Bing Ad Platform

2) The Bing Platform Serves Up Our Clients Ads On Both Yahoo & Bing

3) We Assist With Local Listing Setup & Management For Bing & Yahoo

4) Custom URL Tracking Is Used To Monitor Program Performance

Email Marketing

1) Email Marketing Tactical Planning

2) Graphic Design

3) Content Development

4) Performance Tracking


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Social Media Marketing – Building Stronger Brands

Facebook Program

1) Campaign Set-up

2) Business Page Design

3) Business Page Management

4) Increase Your “Likes”

5) Increase Traffic To Main Website

Twitter Services

1) Account Set-up

2) We Tweet For You

3) We Build Your Twitter Following

4) Direct Message Alerts

5) We Professionally Manage Your Account

Pinterest Services

1) Account Set-up

2) We Create Boards

3) We Build Links To Your Website

4) Increase Your Pinterest Following

5) Set-up Pinning Options On Sites We Support



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Website Design | Blog Creation & Management | Public Relations

Website Design Services

1) B2B – Business to Business Focused Websites

2) B2C – Business to Consumer Focused Websites

3) Ecommerce – Turn Your Site Into A True Online Store Front

4) Fully Responsive Designs

5) Mobile Friendly Website Designs

Blog Design & Management Services

1) Blog Site Creation

2) WordPress Framework

3) Fully Responsive Sites

4) Mobile Friendly Designs

5) Blog Content Creation

6) Turn-Key Blog Management

Press Release Services

1) We Can Offer You An Unlimited Annual Press Release Account

2) Our Content Writers Create Your Press Release Following Industry Best Practice Guidelines.

3) We SEO Each Release To Target Keywords For Potential Organic Placement

4) We Upload Your Release To Your PR Account


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