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Maximize Your Advertising Dollars

Every business should dedicate a portion of their retained earnings back to advertising. The specific percentage of your annual revenues that you need to set aside is dependent upon a number of different factors. Every business and every industry is different. For example, florists tend to devote anywhere from 5% to 13% of their annual gross revenue to marketing. Larger national florists spend on the higher end, with smaller local florists usually spending on the lower end. One thing is clear. For any business to grow and thrive, you must retain current clients, while connecting with lots of new ones.

We advise our customers to utilize a comprehensive approach to marketing their firms. To achieve optimal results from your digital advertising efforts you should use at least some combination of the following tools.


Lead Generation – New Customer Acquisition

Flyline Search Marketing has the tools in place to generate new leads and new customers for your business. We serve a nationwide client base. Need help with growing your business? If so, we hope you will give us the honor of serving your firm.



Social Media Marketing – Build A Stronger Brand

We offer a turn-key marketing program that includes lead generation tools, social media tools and consulting from our expert team. Our program is affordable and effective.


Website Design Platforms

We offer professional website design services. We offer both e-commerce and traditional information based site designs. Our websites are fully responsive and mobile friendly.