Website Content Optimization

Flyline Search Marketing ® offers expert web design services. Our service includes content development and page optimization. We also offer consulting services, aimed at teaching our clients how to build brand recognition. Building a brand is mission critical to every business. You must learn to utilize your website, social media platforms, blog and other marketing tools to effectively compete for business. Today’s business environment is very complex. Connecting with new customers is more challenging than ever, especially in light of the diverse set of devices people now use to access the web.

Search engine spiders are constantly crawling websites, seeking new, relevant information. These BOTS examine both the written content on the page and the source code that supports each page. These spiders follow links they find on relevant sites to see where those links take them. They do all this in an effort to identify original, relevant and informative content they may want to index.

Spend your time and energy building high quality content. If your content is relevant and useful, site visitors are likely to visit over and over again. Customer experience and engagement should be a focal point in driving your content decisions. Build sites that customers love and you will likely see your web traffic grow.

The search engines are working hard to ensure that they identify the most relevant content on the net. Their goal is to make sure that serve up the relevant content when their customers are asking to see it. If your website isn’t engaging, or doesn’t have useful relevant information, you may find yourself on the outside looking in. The search engines simply aren’t interested in serving up the websites who have built the most pages. They are looking for relevance. They are looking for information that stirs the interests of the people using their search engines. Even if your PPC program is producing strong results, you need to continually work to improve the content you are serving up. Overlooking this very important piece of the equation could result in a loss of online sales traction.


Elements Well Built Websites Should Include

Content – Ensure that your content is engaging and useful to the customer. Your first priority should always be to provide a great user experience. If you serve up information that is designed to deliver real value to your site visitors, you will see better customer engagement and more converting activity. Website content should be original, relevant, transparent and again focused on delivering the best possible user experience. People are generally drawn to websites with highly developed, extremely relevant content. Give your site visitors more than just a sales pitch. Take time to teach and educate your audience. Provide them with interesting and helpful information and your will find that your web traffic will increase exponentially over time.

Site Maps – A site map is a key component for any website. Sitemaps can be helpful to both your website visitors and to the search engines crawling your site. If you site does not already have one, we recommend that you create a sitemap as soon as possible. As previously mentioned, a sitemap is a tool that serves to help search engine spiders effectively navigate your website. Sitemaps can help to ensure the BOTS index the maximum amount of information from your website.

Effective Meta Titles – The source code of your site should include meta titles. These titles should be reflective of the content that appears on the page. Your meta titles should be short and include keywords relating precisely to the content you have displayed on the page.

Effective Meta Descriptions – Search engines review your meta descriptions closely. They use your meta descriptions when serving up your business listing information organically. Be sure you have a unique meta description for each page. The description should relate precisely to the page content.

Anchor Text – Anchor text is viewed as important from the search engines perspective. The page, which is linked to the anchor text, is generally given higher relevance by the search engine programs.

Image Alt Tags – Make sure that you add alt tags for the photos you display on your site. These are helpful to your site visitors and to the search engines who are indexing information you are displaying on your site.