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Why Is Marketing Strategy Development So Important?

Business owners face tremendous challenges with the current economy. While the demographic issues, political challenges and business tax issues may differ from city to city, the general business dynamics are the same. With the added pressures of a slow economy, it is absolutely imperative that we design and deploy a highly effective marketing strategy that produces results! The plan should drive immediate business leads for your sales team. The program must help build long term brand awareness. The marketing plan must also drive up gross revenues and work to support our net revenue objectives.

When seeking to create an effective Internet marketing strategy for a client, we always start with a critical evaluation of the business. We examine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities  and threats. You may have heard of this process before. The industry term for the process is “SWOT Analysis.” One aspect of your business that we will review with a critical eye is your website. From our perspective, your website is a center piece element of any marketing effort.  We will review the source code structure, the platform the site is built on, the content being served up to prospective customers, the CMS admin update tool capabilities, URL structure and more. In order for any Internet marketing program to help you, we must have a solid website to deliver the new traffic we generate for you to.


Critical Steps In Building An Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

Step 1) Hire Flyline Search Marketing

Flyline Search Marketing is a full service Internet Marketing Agency. We have developed a turn-key solution that is tailor made for businesses of all sizes and types. Our comprehensive marketing program is designed to generate leads, deliver sales, increase your revenues, all while helping to grow your brand awareness. By leveraging our team of experts, it is entirely possible for you to take your business to the next level.

We developed our turn-key solution over the past 8 years. It started back in 2009, with a customer called Carithers Flowers. We met the owner of the firm and were hired to help bring Carithers back to  and have perfected the program to help you change your business today! Branding, Internet Marketing Strategy Development, Media Strategy Development and Media Buying Direction, Web Site Construction, Streaming Video Production, Social Media Marketing Strategy Development and Program Direction. Every essential marketing service you need from one Source! We have already developed the team of strategic partners to serve your every need. There is no need for you to try to wear so many hats.


Conduct SWOT Analysis

A properly conducted SWOT analysis will help the business owner to properly identify the Strengths of the business, the Weaknesses, Opportunities the business may have to thrive & Threats that could prevent the business from succeeding.



Evaluate Website

Together, we will need to objectively evaluate your website. Your website serves as your online store front and primary touch point with current and prospective clients. If done properly, the evaluation process of the website could take several days. We need to determine whether the site provides a solid user experience to site visitors? Does the site promote your products and services in an effective and positive way? Does the source code structure of your website promote organic placement opportunities or is it standing in the way of them? Does the website have a CMS administrative update tool? If so, what are the capabilities of that tool. Does the current website display effectively on Desktops, Laptops, I-pads & Tablet devices, I-phones, Androids and other IOS smartphone devices.


Identify Funding

In order to any marketing effort to be successful, funds must be identified from either within the business or from external sourcing. The reason many Marketing programs fail is often due to under funding and a failure on the part of the business owner to truly commit to the strategy. In order for us to truly help you or any client for that matter, we really have to dig in and expend a tremendous amount of energy. A large amount of our expenses related to taking on new clients are front end loaded. For that reason alone, we will only work with clients who agree to secure our services for a minimum of a 12 month commitment. Other firms may offer you services on a short term basis, but, honestly there is no way that those firms can truly dedicate enough resources to you on a short term basis to truly make a difference.


Select Program Elements

Once we have completed the SWOT analysis, the website review and you have identified the available marketing budget, we are ready to select the precise Internet marketing tools needed to drive success. Ever single business we deal with has a unique set of opportunities and challenges. For that reason, the program elements needed to solve those problems may be different from client to client. We tailor the program elements to your specific need and situation. That way your don’t pay for services you don’t need, only those you do need!



Deploy Program

With the program elements selected, we are ready to deploy. This phase of the project is one the requires a tremendous number of development hours for our team. We custom design each program for each individual client. For example, the Google Adwords platform we create to provide services to your firm will be uniquely designed with your firm in mind. Unlike our larger competitors who use off the shelf canned programs, we build from scratch to ensure we achieve the maximum results! We would be happy to provide client references for you to speak with. Many of our clients have been with us for a number of years. In fact, our very first client, “Julie Lippitt” owner of Pete’s Plumbing in Atlanta has been a client of ours since we opened our doors in September 2008. Our best advertising is our clients who freely provide references for us. We love them and work tirelessly to ensure they succeed!


Measure, Monitor & Program Adjustments

Once all the platforms are in place and functioning the real work begins. It is imperative that we measure, monitor & make program adjustments on a daily basis. Search Engine platforms like Google Adwords are highly competitive arenas. We use Google Analytics, Google Conversion codes and Call Tracking & Recording phone numbers to identify the top performing keyword phrases. These tools also help our program managers to stay totally focused on driving sales conversions and not just clicks! The high renewal rates we enjoy with our client base tells us our strategy and approach are working well for them.