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Marketing Strategies & Advertising Programs For Flower Shop Owners

We Provide Comprehensive, Turn-Key Advertising Solutions For Florists All Over The United States. Our Marketing Program For Florists Is Specifically Designed To Deliver Sustained Sales & Revenue Growth!

Nationally acclaimed Florists all over the United States, such as; Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, Allen’s Flowers & Plants in San Diego, Veldkamp’s Flowers in Denver, Pugh’s Flowers in Memphis and Flowerama in Columbus utilize our services. All are experiencing steady revenue growth, more online web traffic, increased sales volume and less dependence upon traditional wire in orders from the big floral order aggregators!

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Actual Sales Results From Paid Search

Since deploying our original PPC program for florists back in January 2009, Flyline has produced 27,070 total sales conversions from paid search for florists we serve. We know the exact keywords that drove all 27,070 of those paid search conversions. That data has been factored back into our PPC program design to keep the design up to date and relevant.

Actual Sales Results From Organic Marketing

Since January of 2009, our SEO and organic marketing efforts have generated 69,295 organic sales transactions for the florists we serve. We gather all the keyword phrase related data from those organic sales conversions and factor that data back into our paid search and organic SEO marketing strategies. We utilize this data in determining the precise website content updates that we should make on each clients website. We also integrate the data into our social media marketing program and we factor this data back into our pay per click strategies as well.


Marketing Specifically Designed For Flower Shops

Flyline Search Marketing provides highly effective advertising and marketing programs for florists. We specialize in the Floral Industry and have specifically designed our programs to deliver eye popping sales and revenue growth. Our program and approach works equally well for local, regional or national floral design centers.

We find the needs of floral design firms to be particularly unique from most other industries. In creating our service offering, we first conducted exhaustive studies to ensure that the program we brought to market would generate optimal results. Then we deployed the program for Carithers Flowers in January of 2009. For the past 4 years we have run the program for Carithers, delivering stunning results every step of the way! We utilize Google e-commerce analytics, conversion tracking and call tracking and recording to gather performance results information. Using this live performance data, our team is able to refine and finely tune our tactics, bidding strategies and overall approach as we go.

Every Independent Florist in the United States deals with many of the same challenges. You all face heavy competition from other local and regional flower shops. Your order volume is being negatively impacted by national floral firms selling heavily discounted flower arrangements, shipped to homes in a box! Not to mention ever shrinking profit margins from the wire in orders and rising expenses related to labor, delivery, advertising and the perishable products you have to buy. We specifically tailored our advertising program to help you overcome these issues and to in fact flourish in spite of them. If you are ready to drive your own sales leads, lesson your dependence on wire in orders, increase your sales and drive sustained revenue growth for your firm, you really need to contact us!  We aren’t guessing that our approach will work. We prove it every single day with the Florists we serve!

If you would like to speak with one of our clients, we will gladly provide references so you can hear it directly from the business owners we serve. We have served the premier florist in Georgia (Carithers Flowers) since January of 2009. Our approach has allowed the Carithers family to dramatically increase their sales, lower their dependence on wire in orders and to steadily grow their business, even in a tough economy.


What Does Our Program Produce?

1) An immediate flow of sales transactions.

2) Sustainable revenue growth year after year.

3) Steady lead stream which lowers your dependence on orders from FTD and Teleflora.

4) Our comprehensive marketing approach drives up website sales, call in sales, walk-in’s, as well as event and wedding sales.

5) Professional SEO optimizes your website to deliver increased organic placement opportunities on the major search engines.

6) Increased brand awareness for your firm.

7) Improvements in your keyword and page ranking, along with natural link building from Social Media, Blogging and PR.



Florists We Serve Are Enjoying Sustained Revenue Growth & Increased Brand Awareness!

We position our Florists for success. Our program, strategy and tactics effectively allow them to dominate their playing field. Regardless of whether they are seeking to compete locally, regionally or on the national stage. Our strategy ensures the precise blend of lead generation tools, Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Public Relations tools are utilized to maximize results.

The results we are driving for flower shops like Carithers Flowers, Veldkamp’s Flowers, Pugh’s Flowers, Allen’s Flowers and Flowerama are some of the best seen in the industry. Our comprehensive approach is unique and relentless. Most of the flower shops we serve have now opted for longer term contracts with us. In essence, they have seen our performance and chosen to form long term, strategic partnerships with our firm.



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Here Are Some Of The Google Marketing Tools We Use For Our Florists

Google Adwords

Adwords Is The Best Lead Generation Tool Available To Local Business Owners Trying To Connect With New Customers!

  1. Google Has 66.5% Marketshare Of All Searches
  2. Google Remarketing Keeps Your Firm “Top of Mind”
  3. We Place Your Ads In The Top Ad Positions
  4. We Target Your Ads To Precise Audience You Wish To Reach
  5. We Set Up Mobile Campaigns Targeted To I-phones & Android Devices

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing Keeps Your Business “Top of Mind” With Your Clients and Prospective Customers

  1. We Insert Remarketing Code Into Your Website
  2. The Code Captures IP Traffic Info From Site Visitors
  3. We Target Remarketing Ads To Previous Site Visitors
  4. Remarketing Ads Show On Google Display Network
  5. Remarketing Advertisers Enjoy More Sales Conversions


Google Mobile Campaigns

Google “Mobile Targeted” Campaigns Allow You To Connect With People Shopping Via I-phones, Androids & Other IOS Devices

  1. Mobile Campaigns Target Advertising To Smartphone Users
  2. We Set Up “Click to Call” Phone Numbers With Each Ad
  3. Mobile Campaigns Increase Sales Conversions
  4. We Offer Call Tracking & Recording Numbers For “Click to Call”

There Are More Than 125 Million People Using Smartphones In The USA. Our mobile campaigns are designed to allow our customers to tap into the market segment.


Resource Center & Graphics Services

Florists who sign up for our comprehensive Internet marketing program get access to our Floral Design Resource Center. This portion of our website is specifically designed to support florists. We have included exceptional graphics, including; slides, page banners and email blast artwork. In addition the resource center is loaded with great SEO tools and information designed to help our floral clients to achieve a competitive advantage over their peer group. Florists we serve have 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, password protected access to this portion of our website.

YouTube Video Creation

The Videos Below Were Created By Our Firm For Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, Peoples Flowers in Albuquerque, Allens Flowers & Plants in San Diego & Allen’s Flower Market in Long Beach.



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