Flyline Search Marketing ®

Google Remarketing Delivers Results!

We Keep Your Firm “Top of Mind” By Deploying A Google Remarketing Program For All Our Adwords Clients


Here Is How Google Remarketing Works

When you sign up for a Google Adwords program with Flyline Search Marketing™, we include a Remarketing campaign in the platform we create to support your firm. Using our MCC agency account, we generate Google Remarketing codes and insert them into the key pages of your website we wish to monitor. As website visitors access your website and visit these key pages, the Google Remarketing code captures their IP address and deposits them into an Audience bucket. We strap the Audience bucket to the Google Adwords Remarketing campaign. Our program designers build Google display ads and/or upload Image ads provided by clients who want to include motion elements in their ads. The Remarketing campaign is then geo-targeted to pursue the IP Addresses contained within the Audience bucket.


Why Flyline Search Marketing Uses Google Remarketing

Remarketing has been proven to help “Maintain Top of Mind Brand Awareness” for firms who use this hi-tech marketing tool. In addition, these same firms benefit from increased Sales Conversions that are driven by this highly effective advertising program. Google Remarketing is included in our regular Google Adwords service offering. This allows our clients to enjoy a competitive advantage over their competitors.