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Google Analytics Installation & Reporting

1) We Install Google Analytics On The Websites Of Our Google Adwords Clients For Free.

2) Flyline Clients Can View Their Actual Google Analytics Click & Traffic Data

3) Flyline Clients See Actual Adwords Data & Click Costs

4) We Provide Analytics Education For Our Clients So They Are Better Equipped To Analyze Performance Results

In order to maximize the value of the pay per click advertising services we provide, we upload Google Analytics code to the source code of each clients website. The code is specifically designed to collect data and does not in any way affect the operational characteristics of the website. It’s sole purpose is to actively gather data from the website traffic occurring on the site. We use that data on a daily basis in making mission critical program enhancements. Not only does the code allow us to more effectively manage Google Adwords programs, it also allows us to measure and monitor the overall health and performance characteristics of the website itself. One of the things that really differentiates our firm from others in our industry is the fact that we share Google Analytics data with our clients. Our customers may choose to receive Google Analytics reports on a weekly or monthly basis.


What Types Of Data Does Google Analytics Gather?

→ Website traffic statistics like total site visitors, unique visits and page views

→ Average time visitors spend on your website

→ New visitors versus returning visitors

→ The specific mobile devices people used to view your site

→ Content reporting that shows the performance of the individual pages included in your site

→ Sales conversion data based on goal funnels that we set up



A Few Of The Analytics Reports Our Clients May Choose To Receive

1) Google Analytics Dashboard

2) Google Analytics Map Overlay Report

3) Google Analytics Traffic Sources

4) Google Analytics Content Performance

5) Google Analytics Mobile Devices Report