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Google Services We Offer

Flyline Search Marketing ® is a full service Internet Marketing Agency. Our team is also a Google Premier Partner, specializing in Search Advertising. We design and professionally manage Google Adwords programs for customers all across the nation. Our PPC management offering includes campaigns targeted to both the Google search and display networks. We include Google Remarketing as part of our regular Adwords service. Our team will set up a Google Analytics and Google Places for Business account for new clients as well. We install Google Conversion tracking on the websites of each client we serve and utilize that information in the management of the PPC program.

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Google Premier Partner

As we mentioned earlier, Flyline Search Marketing ® is a Google Premier Partner. We build incredibly robust and highly effective Adwords programs. Our Google program management team monitors client program performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We utilize all of the latest tools and options to ensure our clients enjoy a steady stream of new business leads. Our clients enjoy top ad positions on Google and our business model is one of the most unique in the industry. We charge an affordable fixed monthly management fee that allows our clients to devote the vast majority of their available monthly advertising budget directly to buying Google advertising. We position each of our client’s to enjoy a competitive advantage over their peer group.

Thanks to our approach, we enjoy extremely high customer retention rates and our clients enjoy sustainable revenue growth. A great example of the lasting relationships we build can be with our very first original client, “Pete’s Plumbing Incorporated” of Alpharetta, Georgia. Julie Lippitt, owner of Pete’s Plumbing hired Flyline to design and manage her Adwords program in September of 2008. Pete’s Plumbing is still and client to this very day! In fact, they have steadily increased the services they purchase from us and now utilize one of our comprehensive Internet Marketing packages that includes; Google Adwords, Yahoo / Bing sponsored search, SEO guidance, Website development and support, Twitter account management, Facebook business page management, a Blog, Press Release services and Media Consulting.


Why is it important to use a Google Adwords Premier Partner

Google Adwords Premier Partners are highly skilled and very experienced in designing and managing Adwords platforms. In order to become a Google Adwords Premier Partner, you must currently be managing a reasonably large portfolio of Adwords clients and have done so over an extended period of time. Your client account overall spend level must meet program requirements and have done so for the most recent 90 day period. You are required to take a series of exams, designed to ensure that you fully understand all aspects of Google Adwords, Analytics, Display Ads, Remarketing, Adwords Editor and more. We consider these exams to be college level in nature and have found that extensive study by our program managers is required in order to pass them. What all of this experience and education has taught us is, Google Adwords is one of the most unique and powerful advertising vehicles available to business owners today. In order to get maximum value for the money you will be spending, you really need to hire a professional who meets the extremely high standards required to be a Google Adwords Premier Partner.

We meet many business owners who have tried to set up and manage Google Adwords on their own. They quickly find that Adwords is an extremely complex and elaborate advertising platform. The majority of the DIY Adwords users who hire us tell us that they simply did not have enough time in their busy day to learn all of the unique features that Google Adwords offers. Most admit that they spent large sums of money bidding on keywords, but, realized that they did not have the automated tools needed to effectively identify the path to success.


What You Can Expect From Flyline Search Marketing ®

1) We will place your Google ads on the Google Search and Display ad networks in the top ad positions.

2) We will target your Adwords campaigns to the precise audience you choose.

3) Your Adwords program will include a Google remarketing program. Google remarketing codes, inserted by us into your website source code, will allow us to capture the Internet Protocol (IP) address information for each visitor who views pages of your website. We then create Google display or image ads that are served up to this group of people who have previously visited your site. The ads follow these people everywhere they go when they surf the Google Display ad network. This approach will help us maintain “Top of Mind Awareness” for your firm and brand.

4) Our Adwords program managers will create Google “Mobile Targeted” campaigns to increase your call in sales conversions. These campaigns will specifically be targeted to people who utilize their I-phone, Android or smartphone device to search the web for products and services.

5) We create and deploy Google conversion code into the source code of our clients websites. This code helps us identify top performing keyword phrases that are driving sales conversions. We will suggest new “Call to Action” elements that for your website that will help you to generate more sales conversions, while we gather mission critical data from the click activity.

6) We will deploy Google Analytics on your website and will share actual Google program data with you.

7) We add a call tracking and recording phone number to each Google Ad we run for your firm. That allows people who see your Google pay per click ads to simply call you instead of clicking through to your website. This tactic has historically improved the sales conversion rates for our clients.