The idea for Flyline Search Marketing™ & Flyline Media Group™ came about in one of the most unlikely places. While pacing my friend David over the top of Hope Pass near Leadville, Colorado, I had a vision. Not sure whether the vision was caused by the lack of oxygen at 12,600 feet or simply from the inspiration I received in watching my friend crest the toughest and tallest peak on the Leadville Trail 100 course, for the second time that day. The night ended early for us at the Twin Lakes aid station.

Upon arriving at Twin Lakes, the 60 mile point in the event, we learned that David’s pregnant wife, Katie, had taken a severe fall in the dark. Even though Katie was dazed and bleeding, she attempted to conceal her fall from us so that we would continue on to the finish line. Now, that my friends is true love! One of our headlamps happened to flash across Katie’s face and it was clear our Trail 100 was over. The mission had now changed from getting David to the finish line, 40 miles away, to getting Katie immediate assistance back in Leadville.

As I sat in the hospital, waiting to hear whether Katie and the baby were ok, my mind drifted to thoughts of my own beautiful loving wife Janice and my terrific son Matt. At that moment, it really hit me that family and friends are truly gifts from our Heavenly Father. Our time with them should absolutely be treasured. The story ended on a great note as Katie and baby were fine.

I recovered from my near hypothermic state that David caused by dragging me through ankle deep mud and ice cold mountain streams in the middle of the night. Folks, we crossed that freezing cold river at least 7 times! If that wasn’t enough, the last couple of miles were through a waste deep swamp that tried at times to swallow us whole. Wow it was cold! David and Katie now have another beautiful son and my wife and I now have another extended family nephew to bounce on our knee. I truly have the greatest family and friends anyone could ask for. It has always been a dream to start a business that included my family and friends. Well, enter Flyline Search Marketing.


Committment To Our Clients

Our new company is dedicated to providing world class service. We are a character driven, family centered organization, committed to operating with total integrity. We put our clients needs first and work each and every day to earn their trust and respect. Our desire is to build long term relationships with our clients and to meet and exceed their expectations with all that we do.

Mark W. Lein – CEO – Flyline Search Marketing



Flyline LLC Member Owner & Board Member – David Hersey – Participating In A 500 Mile Bike Race In British Columbia