Frequently Asked Questions

Will Google Adwords Deliver Enough Business Leads To Return A Profit?

We have been running Google Adwords programs for clients for the past 4 years. We never guarantee that a client will turn a profit, however, our experience has been that the majority do. Google Adwords is one of the most powerful lead generation tools ever devised. We have one particular client that we began handling in January of 2009. That client ran Adwords on their own the previous year and generated only $200,ooo in revenues. They made money at that level, but, felt more should have been possible. We took over on January 1, 2009 and generated $1,000,000 dollars in gross revenues from Internet in the first year. In 2010, we were able to generate approximately $1,500,000. In 2011, our program management team was able to grow the clients revenues from Adwords to approximately $1,900,000 dollars. While we cannot guarantee that level of performance results for every client, it is very possible to significantly increase your revenues by utilizing Google Adwords.


Is The Yahoo/Bing Sponsored Search Platform As Effective As Google?

The vast majority of the clients we serve have chosen to have our firm build and deploy a program on the Yahoo/Bing sponsored search platform that mirrors the program we run for them on Google Adwords. There are a few exceptions, however, in that we are not able to run “Remarketing” campaigns on Yahoo/Bing and we don’t generally enjoy the same level of performance and analytics. While Yahoo/Bing clearly cannot produce the level of impressions and search activity that you see with Google, their platform does produce a very solid conversion rate on the limited amount of traffic they can produce. We highly recommend to our clients that they opt in to having us mirror their Adwords program on Yahoo/Bing.


I Have Utilized Adwords Before With Other Vendors & Found My Return On Investment To Be Minimal. Will Flyline Search Marketing Be Able To Produce A Better Result?

The vast majority of Pay Per Click firms in our industry utilize a click based billing model. In essence, our competitors actually mark up the actual cost of clicks coming from Google, Yahoo & Bing search marketing by the margin they wish to make. The largest PPC firms generally add between 40% to 50% margin to the actual cost per click as their fee.

If you do the math on the billing methodology you would find it works something like this:

Clients monthly budget / approved spend = $2,500

Average cost per click charged by search engines for keywords being marketed = $2.50

Monthly management fee mark-up charge added by PPC Vendor = 42%

Actual cost per click charged to client by PPC vendor = $2.50 + $1.05 = $3.55

What You Need To Understand

In this scenario you would have spent $2,500 dollars for the month and received approximately 704 clicks. The PPC vendor you worked with kept $739.20 in mark-up fees from the clicks they generated during the month. Out of $2,500 you invested in advertising, only $1,760.80 actually went towards the purchase of Google advertising. The rest went into the pocket of your PPC vendor. If you hire a PPC firm the more you want to spend on Adwords, the more clicks your vendor can generate and the more fee they can make. Firms who hire PPC vendors who use this billing methodology generally find themselves falling behind our clients who were smarter and hired us.


What Makes Flyline Search Marketing Better

We charge a fixed monthly fee for Adwords services and that fee is not tied to clicks in any way. Instead, we focus on producing sales conversions for our clients. Our search engine marketing program designs are generally far more extensive than those created by our peers. We deploy call tracking & recording phone numbers for our clients so they can get calls, instead of just clicks. The calls drive up sales conversions and reduce the cost of Adwords advertising. We also utilize long tail keyword phrases, which tend to produce a much higher quality of lead. Why do we do that? Because we are not interested in just driving clicks, we are looking to produce fewer, but higher quality clicks! In the scenario above that showed the competitive PPC firm making $739.20 in monthly fees, we would have made only $400 for the month. Our client could have spent the entire $2500 on actual advertising. The next month our client could spend $10,000 on Google advertising and we still would only charge them $400 for our Adwords services. Make sense to You?


Can Flyline Serve My Business Effectively Without Being Here In My City?

We currently serve a number of high profile clients in San Diego and Long Beach, California. We are also in discussions with others in your area and may soon be adding to our client base. We utilize web based Agency platform that allow our team to deliver services such as Google Adwords or Yahoo/Bing Sponsored Search to clients located anywhere in the World. The services we provide are very conducive to allowing web based access to both our team and our clients. For example, our customers have 24 hour, 7 day a week access to our Call Tracking & Recording Center. They can pull reports, check out the calls they received, listen in to how their employees handled the call and more.

We currently serve two nationally acclaimed floral design centers who are located in California. Both florists indicate that they are seeing significant growth in revenues since hiring Flyline Search Marketing. They tell us that the comprehensive marketing program we deployed for them has increased their Internet Sales, Walk In Sales, Call In Sales & Wedding & Events sales. The service package we are delivering for these firms includes, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Conversion Code, Call Tracking & Recording, Yahoo/Bing Search Marketing, Social Media Services including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, WordPress Blogging Services, Press Releases, SEO Consulting and Website Content Development Assistance.


Does Flyline Search Marketing Charge A Higher Rate When Marketing An Ecommerce Website?

The short answer is it depends upon the nature of the Adwords program that will have to be designed. In the case of an Auto Dealership, we charge $800 per month, flat fee, to provide Adwords services. In order to make Google Adwords work effectively for an Auto Dealership we must extensively develop the Adwords platform so that we can drive business leads for New Car Sales, Used Car Sales, the Service and Parts Departments. We charge more because we have considerably more program development costs that must be recovered, plus our daily program management time is greatly increased due to the extensive campaign, ad group, ad and keyword development. We provided Adwords services for a Dodge Dealership in Albuquerque last year. That firm was third in sales of Dodge Ram trucks in the state of New Mexico at the time we began managing their advertising. By the end of the year, they ran a Television ad stating proudly that their dealership was now number 1 in the state of New Mexico for Dodge Ram sales. The particular advertising program we ran for them included Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Conversion Codes, Yahoo/Bing Sponsored Search, Call Tracking & Recording, Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Press Releases and SEO consulting guidance.


Is Flyline Search Marketing Hiring?

We are always interested in hearing for talented people seeking to join our firm. Our people are our greatest asset and we treat them with the trust and respect they deserve. If you are interested in potentially becoming an employee, we encourage you to submit your resume to so that we can get to know you better.


Does Flyline Search Marketing Offer Service Exclusivity?

Yes we do for some industry groups, under certain conditions. For example: If you are a Florist and utilize the Gravity Free website platform, we will give you an exclusivity clause in your contract that mirrors the exclusivity your receive from Gravity Free. If you are an Auto Dealership and contract with us for a comprehensive Internet Marketing program, we will grant you exclusivity of our services in your city. Examples: We serve Gravity Free website users; Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, Peoples Flower Shops in Albuquerque, Allen’s Flowers & Plants in San Diego and Allens Flower Market in Long Beach. All of those firms signed long term contracts with us that included comprehensive marketing programs. All enjoy the exclusive use of our services in their markets. We also served a Dodge Auto Dealership in Albuquerque last year. We helped them achieve the number one sales position in the state of New Mexico for the sale of Dodge Ram Trucks. That firm enjoyed the exclusive use of our services for that industry group in Albuquerque during the time they had us under contract.